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51 Days Hug & Kiss FREE!

Hersheys-Kiss-HugsToday is a very proud day for me.  I realized it has been 51 days since I have had a Hershey’s Hug or Kiss!  Now to the average person you may be thinking…WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?!  Well glad you asked because I am going to tell you.  I want you to think of an addict of any kind.  Now think about them quiting whatever they are addicted to for 51 days straight.  Big deal huh?  

Seriously I was addicted to these little hugs and kisses.  To the point I would eat up to an entire bag a day and 4-6 bags a week, all by myself!  They hid easily behind things in the fridge, in the console of my car and in the back of the cupboard.  Believe it or not here we are 51 days later and I am still finding the little wrappers!  Seriously, do ya think I had a problem?

We all know I have not been perfect in the 51 days on this weight loss journey.  There have been to many days I took Angie’s Skrewitol pills, but I have not had 1 hug or kiss.  Don’t think it has not crossed my mind because it has, especially the day they were on sale and I could have bought 2 bags for the price of 1.  What I have learned is that I am Super Woman Strong!  This is something that I cannot believe I have done.  It feels damn good!  What feels even better is that I do not even crave them.  I am craving things like celery with laughing cow cheese and turkey. 

I have conquered this addiction!  I know better than to try just one because I recognize it is a problem for me.  Today I am a true believer that if you can get past the point of craving something you will forget about it and it will get better and easier to stay away from.  This is a good day, they day I won part of a battle and do not feel like I have to keep fighting!

A Hug and Kiss Free Shannon



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Baby Shower


So 12 days in and it happened.  This morning I knew I was going to my cousins baby shower tonight.  The baby shower just so happens to be in the same town as my favorite chinese restaurant.  Knowing what I was going face I just planned on going out to the chinese restaurant.  I made sure that my breakfast and lunch were low calorie and hey I have been really good for 12 days!  There really is not a healthy choice in a chinese restaurant so I just went ahead and ordered my favorite, the sweet and sour chicken combo meal.  Oh lordy it tasted good!  What do you want me to lie? 

My mom is awesome she eats 1/2 of her meal and gets the other half to go.  I don’t understand where she gets the power to do that…go mom!  As she is putting her food into the to go container she looks at me and says “do you want to take that to go”?  Um let me think about it for a minute…hell NO! I managed to polish off the rest of my meal and then gave her the last 2 spoonfuls of rice to add to her to go box.  So officially I only ate 99% of my meal.  I really wish I could say that this is the end of this story, but I am ashamed to say that it is not. 

We went to the baby shower, the whole reason we were there in the first place.  Who knew they were going to feed us there?!  It was not on the invitation, you really should put that kind of information on an invitation.  To be polite I decided to  partake of goodies that were made for us guests.  The last thing you want them to think is that we just ate a 2500 calorie chinese meal.  So I got a plate, put some cucumbers, cauliflower, ranch dip, bread thing with creamy cheese, 2 cream puffs and a dessert bar on it.  I did not want them to think I didn’t appreciate all the hard work they went to in preparing this wonderful food for us.  Then I did what anybody who just ate a full chinese combo meal would do, I ate everything on the plate!

Yes I to fell off the wagon, but the difference is that I am getting back on right now!  Normally this day would turn in to a full binging weekend and I will not let it happen this time.  My dear dissapointed diet buddies, make me a promise.  If I fall off the wagon again…just run me over!

Shannon-With a stomach ache and gas 😦

BTW my fortune cookie said: You deserve special treatment this month.  Enjoy dessert.


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I Caught Hershey’s Cheating On Me!


As I have said before Hershey’s and I have had an ongoing affair for over 30 years.  When Angie and I ventured out on our weight loss journey I finally told Hershey’s it was over.  It’s not like we have not had time apart before because we have. Our time apart is usually short lived though because Hershey’s continues to stalk me and I give into it’s seductive temptation.  The worst is when I am out in public especially a convenience store or grocery store.  It seems like my day will be going great and then I will turn a corner and there they are exposing all of their goodies to me.  It is incredibly embarrassing when I can’t resist and fall into temptation right  there in public.  I feel so shameful hiding the evidence on my way home to my family.  This time I am stronger though and I refuse to go back! 

So it should not be a surprise to see Hershey’s with someone else.  It has happened before I have seen them with men, women and children.  They have no preference, I think they take the discrimination thing waaay to far.  Then again who am I to judge?  However this time is different, it has hit me right in the heart!  Yesterday I was at the store with my best diet buddy ever Angie, shopping for healthy stuff of course.  I knew Hershey’s was in there I could smell them and I even glanced at their seductive attire as I quickly walked by the isle.  As strong I am right now nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting around the corner for me.  There they were in all of their chocolaty goodness, wrapped snuggly in the arms of another woman!  Usually I am able to contain my disappointment, but this time was the ultimate betrayal.  My best diet buddy ever, Angie was standing there caressing Hershey’s and laughing boisterously.  Two of my best buddies ever, together being sleazy right the in the middle of the store, in front of me! WWTFF!!!  No wonder she is a half bulimic, this has probably been going on for years.  I should have paid closer attention to the signs.

A very betrayed Shannon

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Do you think I could be considered half way bulimic if I consistently binge, but never quite get to the purging part?  I have told people before that I am half  bulimic and they usually look at me similar to how they would if I said I was from another planet here to take their brain and change them into a unicorn.


I am just sayin’ up until last Monday I was the best half bulimic… consistently binging.

From half bulumic to struggling healthy biotch, and soon to be super hot and healty chick!

by, the wonderful beautiful and intelligent Angie


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I am such a feakin’ slacker!  I just need to confess… I had a candy bar today (okay, two) and one yesterday and I haven’t drank near enough water and I haven’t exercised once this week.  Why you ask… well my dad has always said “excuses are like  ass holes every ones got one, some just stink more than others.”  So I am going to try and offer some less stinky excuses and motivate myself back on track.

  • It is an emotional, tiring, crappy time of month! 
  • It was a busy weekend and I didn’t get enough rest
  • Work is really busy right now
  • My house is messy
  • I like being fat and not fitting into any of my clothes and looking at skinny clothes thinking someday I will be able to where those while doing nothing about it
  • I like how my fat bobbles when I run
  • I like when little kids tell me I have a really big belly, butt, whatever…
  • My all time favorite excuse… But I am a single mom… Oh wait!  That is why I need to lose weight and look hot!

Okay… point made… no good excuses.  I am obviously just returning to poor habits to cope with life. 

Here is my question though… is there any easy way to change bad habits?  I am starting to realize it is nothing short of a battle and I am losing if I am not fighting it constantly.  I guess it is time to put the boxing gloves back on and get tough before I get my butt kicked and end up the world’s fattest single woman still hoping to find some fine fella!

-Devil A


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There Are No Baby Steps!


We have all heard it takes baby steps to reach our goals. I will be honest, I am not a patient person and I like immediate results. Baby steps take way too long and don’t keep me motivated… So, in my world there are no baby steps! Every change you make in your life to reach your goals is huge! For example drinking more water may seem like a small thing, but in reality it tremondously benifits your entire well being. What I am trying to say here is… With small changes come big results!

So… I lost 6 pounds the first week of my diet. I am very excited to see some change on the scale, but even more excited for some of the immidiate results I have seen. I have noticed a huge increase in energy. I am not bouncing off the walls, but I just feel like doing more and my body is enjoying moving more. My face looks a little less roundish and my middle has shrunk a bit. I am really enjoying the whole healthy foods. The best part is I feel like I am doing something good for me. I may not look so different size wise, but I feel like I look a lot better because I am taking better care of myself.

So many of us have been programmed to think of candy, soda and fast food as a treat, yet we consume it like it’s what our body needs and wants. If you have a treat everyday doesn’t that take the treat out of it? I will never be the girl to to totally avoid soda and sweets… no way! However, I feel it isn’t going to hurt us to have a small amount occasionally. So if you are wondering if I cheated… the answer is hell yes!

These last couple days I have been less focused on my goals due to… being a sensitive emotional girl. I recieved the best diet advice I have ever gotten as a comment to a post on this blog. It was… know what your triggers are and be prepared so you can stay on track. I have learned lack of sleep and being a girl trigger my bad habits in a big way. This journey is about so much more than just losing weight. I am learning so much about myself. Amazing, I am 29 years old and still learning how to take care of myself.

I want everybody who reads this to take some time to do something for yourself. I know getting a pedicure or eating a big chocolate cake may be the first thing that comes to your mind (or is that just me?), but that is not what I am talking about. Do something for you that is good for you. Take a walk, drink a big glass of water, prepare a delicious healthy meal. Do it because you deserve it and it is a huge step in achieving better health!

This week I hope to add even more exercise, drink more water, continue planning healthy meals and get adequate sleep.

Cheers to looking hot and having great health!


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The Choice Is Yours…..


Yesterday was a very good day!  My family and I (Shannon) went to a motor-cross event thingy in SLC.  I have to admit all week I was thinking in the back of my mind “Mrrhahaha, I will get to eat anything I want because we are going out and I will have no choice”.  So the Evil S part of me was sort of planning on feasting on Saturday.  As Saturday grew closer my mind set started to change.  What has happened with our blog and twitter in just a week has been insane and FABULOUS!  I feel like you are all watching me and I need to do better, be better and try harder.   The accountability that comes with this little buzz that has generated here in my computer seems to be the key for me.  So thank you!

As we were driving to SLC I was really thinking this through.  I figured if we could go somewhere that I have limited choices like soup and salad I would be able to keep my composure and not over eat.  As we were talking about where to go…mind you I am in the car with 4 boys ages 8-15 and my husband the meat and potatoes guy.  Everyone wanted to go to our favorite place CHUCK-A-RAMA!  It is an all you can Chuck down Buffet and it is SO very tasty.  I tried to fight the battle…but as I turned and looked into the eyes of my gaunt 95 pound 8 year old I gave in.  I KNOW!  So off we went to the buffet.  The Evil S side of me did pop her little head out and say “It’s okay you tried it’s completely out of your control now so just bag it”!  Then like a little ray of sunshine as we were walking into the buffet I read the slogan “The choice is yours at Chuck-A-Rama”.  How ironic is that?!  Between the all you can Chuck $12 buffet’s slogan, all of you followers and my Best Diet Buddy ever Angie…I made the right choices!  Angel S won this battle and could not be prouder 🙂  Chalk up another mini victory on my road to Fabulosity! 

Today just call me….Angel S

P.S. Incase you need a meat and potaoes Sunday meal…this is today’s menu!  Love , Evil S



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