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51 Days Hug & Kiss FREE!

Hersheys-Kiss-HugsToday is a very proud day for me.  I realized it has been 51 days since I have had a Hershey’s Hug or Kiss!  Now to the average person you may be thinking…WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?!  Well glad you asked because I am going to tell you.  I want you to think of an addict of any kind.  Now think about them quiting whatever they are addicted to for 51 days straight.  Big deal huh?  

Seriously I was addicted to these little hugs and kisses.  To the point I would eat up to an entire bag a day and 4-6 bags a week, all by myself!  They hid easily behind things in the fridge, in the console of my car and in the back of the cupboard.  Believe it or not here we are 51 days later and I am still finding the little wrappers!  Seriously, do ya think I had a problem?

We all know I have not been perfect in the 51 days on this weight loss journey.  There have been to many days I took Angie’s Skrewitol pills, but I have not had 1 hug or kiss.  Don’t think it has not crossed my mind because it has, especially the day they were on sale and I could have bought 2 bags for the price of 1.  What I have learned is that I am Super Woman Strong!  This is something that I cannot believe I have done.  It feels damn good!  What feels even better is that I do not even crave them.  I am craving things like celery with laughing cow cheese and turkey. 

I have conquered this addiction!  I know better than to try just one because I recognize it is a problem for me.  Today I am a true believer that if you can get past the point of craving something you will forget about it and it will get better and easier to stay away from.  This is a good day, they day I won part of a battle and do not feel like I have to keep fighting!

A Hug and Kiss Free Shannon



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Dearest Hershey’s

1 hersheys-chocolate-bridal-shower-25749

Dearest Hershey’s,

It has been a while so I thought I would drop you a line.  I want you to know that even though you have put yourself out there in front of me every single day in the past 3 weeks, I have been able to keep my chubby little hands off of you!  It’s not that I have not been tempted by you because I have.  This past week I have to admit I have missed you more than any other time.  I thought about just giving in and taking advantage of your chocolaty goodness, after all who would know besides you and I?  We have had so many secret meetings over the years and the only proof left behind has been directly attached to my ass.  At first it is subtle, a pound here a pound there, but eventually everyone starts noticing.  Then all of a sudden everyone knows about my infidelity and I cannot hide it anymore.  Many times this past week I have thought about having  just one more fling with you…for old times sake.   The problem is that now every monday, I have to weigh in.  It will definitely show my guilt when I step on the scale if I choose to fall into your seductive sweetness.  Honestly, I believe this is the longest we have ever been apart 26 days!  Who would have thought I could be so strong?  Every time I open my fridge I look at the special shelf that was yours and it has now been taken over by sugar free and fat free goodies.  The difference is that I do no have to hide them behind all of the condiments so my kids do not eat them.  It was always so hard just keeping your hugs and kisses to myself.  I should have felt worse about it and shared…but I didn’t. 

One last thing that is very important!  Angie went and visited her great Granny this past week.  Hershey’s you gave her Granny a certificate for being the best customer ever and turning 100 years old.  Now I know she has probably eaten her fair share of chocolate over the past 100 years.  Could you please just calculate out my chocolate consumption over the last 36 years and count it toward the next 64?  I know for sure if you will do that then I will be worthy of the certificate as well and I am even positive I will have consumed the most chocolate of anyone else who has ever received a certificate from you.  If you feel it necessary to bring me my certificate sooner than my 100th birthday, because of my massive consumption of your chocolate.  I will certainly understand and willingly accept my certificate early for being the youngest person to consume the most chocolate ever.

Love Shannon


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I Caught Hershey’s Cheating On Me!


As I have said before Hershey’s and I have had an ongoing affair for over 30 years.  When Angie and I ventured out on our weight loss journey I finally told Hershey’s it was over.  It’s not like we have not had time apart before because we have. Our time apart is usually short lived though because Hershey’s continues to stalk me and I give into it’s seductive temptation.  The worst is when I am out in public especially a convenience store or grocery store.  It seems like my day will be going great and then I will turn a corner and there they are exposing all of their goodies to me.  It is incredibly embarrassing when I can’t resist and fall into temptation right  there in public.  I feel so shameful hiding the evidence on my way home to my family.  This time I am stronger though and I refuse to go back! 

So it should not be a surprise to see Hershey’s with someone else.  It has happened before I have seen them with men, women and children.  They have no preference, I think they take the discrimination thing waaay to far.  Then again who am I to judge?  However this time is different, it has hit me right in the heart!  Yesterday I was at the store with my best diet buddy ever Angie, shopping for healthy stuff of course.  I knew Hershey’s was in there I could smell them and I even glanced at their seductive attire as I quickly walked by the isle.  As strong I am right now nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting around the corner for me.  There they were in all of their chocolaty goodness, wrapped snuggly in the arms of another woman!  Usually I am able to contain my disappointment, but this time was the ultimate betrayal.  My best diet buddy ever, Angie was standing there caressing Hershey’s and laughing boisterously.  Two of my best buddies ever, together being sleazy right the in the middle of the store, in front of me! WWTFF!!!  No wonder she is a half bulimic, this has probably been going on for years.  I should have paid closer attention to the signs.

A very betrayed Shannon

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Dear Hershey’s…


Dear Hershey’s,

We have been friends for a long time you and I.   You have been there for me through everything in my life and I really appreciate it.  We have laughed and cried together often.  You have always been there to go grab a coke and take a ride with me anytime I have needed you.  Thanks for keeping my secrets when I have cheated on ALL of my past diets!  You were there when I was little and  I used to save my dimes and nickels  just to run across the street and buy your chocolate heavenly goodies.  I would bet there hasn’t been more than 2 consecutive days in my 36 years that I have not eaten something you have magically created.  Well I guess it would be 34 because I couldn’t eat solid food for the first 1-2 years of my life.

You are the perfect solution to happiness, sadness, divorce, marriage, pregnancy, depression, celebration and boredom.  The only thing that you are not perfect for is weight loss!  Oh how I have enjoyed your Hugs and Kisses…I believe I will be going through with drawls from your hugs.  Without a doubt your hugs are my addiction.  I am actually eating the rest of my last bag today 😦   So starting tomorrow I will not be buying you any longer.  Please don’t take it personally…it’s not you it’s me.  I am carrying you with me everywhere I go.  You are in my heart, on my butt, bulging out of my stomach and hips, you even gave me an extra chin to remember you by.                                           

Hugs and Kisses to you… XOXOXOXO

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