Fabulous Angie


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  1. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Yay! I am so excited to begin this weight loss journey and share my experiences here.

    A little about me as a person:
    I am a 29 year old mother of two amazing, energetic and vibrant boys. I am going through a divorce after 9 years of marriage and am excited for all the future has to offer. I work nearly full time, and am looking forward to going back to school. I love being outside, when it is sunny and warm, riding horses, sports and being a little silly and crazy.

    A little about my weight loss/gain history:
    So… Right now I am considered obese. Yikes! That freaks me out! I have struggles with my weight pretty much my whole life. I wasn’t severly over weight until I got married, but I was never happy with my weight. Funny thing is, I am probably more confident than I have ever been now and as you can see, rather overweight. I have tried going to a personal nutritionist, Weight Watchers, Absolute Nutrition and many “okay, starting Monday I am going to be good”! I also went to an open casting of the Biggest Loser. Apparently, they did not pick me. Oh well, there loss!

    I do love to exercise. I know… I sure as hell don’t look like it, but intend to emabrace that. I love Dr. Pepper. Do you know how many calories are in a Dr. Pepper? I sure as hell don’t, but I know that I am going to have to cut back on those and up the water intake!

    You are probably wondering why I am sharing this journey with you on this blog. Well, I need to know someone is watching me. I believe this will help me stay motivated and hopefully motivate you too! Whether you are at a healthy weight and just maintaining or trying to lose 100 lbs. like me its fun to share stories and success.

    Thank you and I look forward to sharing my successes and not so successful moments with you!


  2. Ang– You are AMAZING! I love the courage you have and I am looking to you for my motivation. I am also in a place I don’t want to be so I am taking the diet challenge to. (well more of a lifestyle change) I believe in you and I know you can do anything you set your mind to but always know that you are such a beautiful person both inside and out.

  3. Angie ~

    Best wishes for you journey! It only gets harder to get in shape the older you get, so good for you for getting started now! A healthy lifestyle is a process and takes time, committment and sustainable change. You didn’t get out of shape over nite, and you won’t get back in shape quickly either. Anyone who tells you different is selling something. I lost 60 lbs two years ago. It takes daily effort not only to lose it, but to keep it off. Good luck! you can do it!


  4. Angie
    My friend and I are doing the same thing and going far and beyond what needs to be done. But we are both just like you in sharing this experiance in hopes to motivate others as well as ourselves. Please check us out at our site and maybe even post to our message board. Hope to see you soon. I will keep checking on how you are doing just to let you know we are reading and watching and rooting you on. Chao

  5. OMG I ssssooooo love DR PEPPER!!!! It’s one of my most unhealthy addictions. But I am trying so hard to leave that behind. Of course I had to have one last one today the first day of the challenge so I lost out on that point. I’ll get the hang of this yet.

  6. Angie I love this blog it is so motivational. I have been trying for years to get in shape and down to my skiny weight. I was sad to hear you wont be joining us for bunco anymore. Hope we can keep in touch and i will definatly be checking up on your awesome blog. Thanks for the motivation.


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