Angie Pictures


My “skinny” pictures are all so old!  This was taken 7 years ago and I was so emabarassed to be at the family reunion because I was so fat… Whatever!  I wish I was that fat again!


Here I am at the ripe young age of 19… yes I had to go back that far to get skinny pics.  Once I got married I gained, gained, gained and now that I am divorced I would like to lose, lose, lose.


Feeding the dolphins at Sea World… 9 years ago.  I think I still have that shirt too.  It’s one I have kept thinking I will fit into again soon.  Once I do fit in it I am wearing it everywhere even if it is hideously out of style, just because I can!


This is absolutely the WORST picture ever!  It was taken last weekend as my pre-diet photo.  I am disgusted with it and it is a HUGE motivator for me!


Fatty me… at least I am always smiling :)!


Chillin’ with my boys.  Notice the fat roll a.k.a. secretary roll?  Yes, it is on one of its last showings!


14 responses to “Angie Pictures

  1. You know, you’re beautiful at any size, but I know exactly how you feel. I look at many of my older pics and remember how “fat” I felt then. Yeah right.

    What’s a “secretary roll?”

    • I know JUST how you feel! I see pictures of myself the first time I lost weight, and even though I still had more to go (but never got there), I cannot BELIEVE how this I looked! I remember thinking then that I was going to get under size 12 in no time… and I ended up doing nothing more then going UP in sizes. I never got to a size 12 again! But not this time! I’m going to get to under a 12 again if it kills me! C’mon Angie! Let’s get awesome looking and feeling together! ;D

  2. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    A “secretary roll” is that roll right around my middle. I have heard it is from sitting all day on my a$$! Maybe the soda and junk food have something to do with it too… Hmmm…! I think that could be referred to as a work place hazard!

  3. What a fabulous idea… to set off on this journey with a friend. Your blog will inspire others to focus on their own health, too! Keep up the great work and celebrate small successes. You’re a beautiful gal!

  4. anothrpoundlost

    I really want to thank you for the motivation that you are putting out there. I am one of those people that you will help in an indirect way, for this I thank you! You are beautiful in every way!!

  5. Biz

    You look fabulous!

    I was the same way – I had met my WW goal of losing 70 pounds RIGHT before I met my husband – I was at my all time “adult” low at 137. We married 6 months after we met and I got married at 160!

    But after we got married, I got back on track and maintained my weight at 140 for years. Then I got put on insulin and suddenly I could eat whatever I want!

    Now I am back up to 162 – I am only 5.2″ – if only I were 5.10″ I’d be all set! 😀

  6. Oh sweetie I so know what your feeling. I got on the scale last week and thought to myself…how in the freakin world did I get THIS big. I was so disappointed in myself and I still am. So here I am trying this challenge. Hope it works.

  7. Linda Quiles

    I’m so glad that you are sharing your ups and down’s with us. I have the same kind of photos. I’m up and down too, but I feel so defeated. I need this. I want to break some bad habits of overeating and I need support. Thank you for this challenge. No matter what, we are not alone in this.

  8. Visiting through another blog. I LOVE before pics–they are so motivating. I look at mine every now and then just as a reminder of never wanting to go back there again.

    Good luck with your loss 🙂

  9. I get what you’re saying, but you are gorgeous. I just had to be clear about that!

  10. April

    Well Angie, you’ve motivated me. I had a baby 3 1/2 months ago, and have been going to the gym every day since 6 weeks post-c-section and still weigh 262 lbs. I’ve tried WW before but have put it off because I’m mad at my thyroid(hypo and really messing with my body) and fear it will hold me back. May not make sense, but it’s the truth. So…there’s a meeting Monday at 6pm down the street and I’ll be there. Maybe this momentum program will help. And for what it’s worth – looking back at my skinny pics from 4 years ago, my mom said, hey, look at the beautiful girls your body has given you. What a gift our bodies give us, so she (mom) says, don’t forget to love yourself now, we’ll appreciate our efforts so much more. You are beautiful – when all else fails, we still have great hair and make-up and most important, our soul! Good luck, I’ll be checking back in.

  11. hi Angie-
    looking at photos of myself at higher weights is always so triggering for me- it’s surprising there are any, i used to get to upset would just throw them away. But just remember that it’s hard to do anything good for yourself when you’re coming from a place of self-hate. Making changes from there just doesn’t go well- so focus on anything that makes you feel good, gratitude and most things in nature help me shift the fastest.

    How do you keep yourself inspired?

    love and blessings-


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