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Today our post swap is with our Fabulous friend Mary.  We love the way she shares her journey on weight loss. This post is great because who does not get wrapped up in The Biggest Loser?  Good, bad and ugly we all seem to just wish they would pick us and make us hot!  You can visit Mary’s site by clicking here.  Make sure you follow her on twitter as well @amerrylife  Thanks Mary for sharing with us today!

Lessons Learned From The Biggest Loser Season 7

by Merry Mary on May 13, 2009

Fitness people like to argue back and forth about whether The Biggest Loser is a good thing or bad thing.  It teaches unrealistic expectations, training that can hurt people if done without proper supervision, etc., etc.  But no one can argue with the fact that the show is inspirational.  And I believe it also teaches some great lessons about life and weight loss. 

Lessons From The Biggest Loser Season 7:

True change lies within. This seems to be the theme of the show and I love it. The motivation needed to really change your life needs to come from within you. All the contests and competitions and outside forces in the world won’t help you truly change your life forever.

Weight holds people back. The contestants all had their lives temporarily on hold before beginning the show and losing the weight. They put their relationships and careers on hold. I’ve been guilty of this myself and I know others who have. I related to Tara and Laura who were in their 20s, as well as the girls competing to be on next season. These women all let their weight stop them, hold them back for truly living life. Weight stops people from living life to the fullest.

You are worth it. This nugget of wisdom came from several contestants but the best example was from Kristen. This girl truly transformed and learned her self worth through the show. And her lesson is one we all can learn because we are all worth it. I’m worth taking care of. I’m worth doing good things for. I’m worth making the change. And so are you.

There is nothing you can’t do. Don’t doubt.  Who would have thought the biggest loser contestants would be running marathons at the end of the season? In the beginning – no one. But it proves that there is nothing you cannot do as long as you push doubt aside. Jillian said it over and over during the season and it is TRUE.

Let your body do the work.  Jerry, the at home winner said, “Once I let my mind go, my body did the work.” Weightloss is probably 90% mental. Your body doesn’t want to be overweight. It wants to work hard, play, run, frolic, jump, exercise. Once you get past the mental aspect losing weight is easy. So let go of the mental roadblocks and the body will take care of the rest. It is hard work but your body is up for it.

You are NEVER too old to change your life. (Add to that you are never too sick/fat/hurt. There are no excuses.) If this season doesn’t prove age is relative then nothing will. Jerry, the oldest contestant ever, won the at home challenge. Helen, the 48 year old mother, won the entire competition. It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can still change your life. You can still live the life you want. Don’t ever think you have missed your chance, because you haven’t.

If you don’t want to change, you won’t. Your results will be in line with the amount of effort you put into it. If you go half ass you will get that kind of results. If you are like David (lazy guy on orange team) you will only lose 43 pounds when you have about 200 to lose. If you don’t do the work, strive for it, live it, then you won’t get it. Don’t be like him or Joelle. If you are going to change your have to WANT it.

Don’t ever give up. Ever. This was the lesson Daniel taught us all. When he weighed in at the finale he had lost over 100 pounds and still weighed 312. His reaction? “You can lose 100 pounds and still be obese. Well then lose 100 more. Then another 50 if you have it in you.” This guy has a special place in my heart because he won’t give up. Some people have a longer journey than others, but we all have to keep going. Don’t give up EVER!



Today we are doing a Post Swap with our Fabulous friend The Fat Geek.  He has a wonderful site and he is tracking his weightloss journey on it.  We tried to put a picture of him on here but his site wouldn’t let me steal one (high tech stuff lol.)  So make sure you visit him at his site by clicking here!

Week 1 HELL Week

The Fat Geek finished week 1 and so far things have been a fantastic success. Thank you so much to all those who have subscribed to the podcast, blog and are following along on Twitter. The response has been overwhelming. You provide great motivation and make it all a lot of fun!  In large part to your great support the Fat Geek was able to lose 7 lbs this week! A fantastic number! But, I have to be realistic, this was week 1 and typically the week 1 numbers are high. But still, that was 7 real lbs lost and now instead of taking 51 weeks to reach my goal weight (at a 1 lb weight loss/week) it am on course to reach my goal in 44 weeks. Next week’s goal is to have a 1 lb weight loss.

The Fat Geek followed the exercise routine this week as laid out in The Beginning (D-1) without to much trouble. Surprisingly I could find time to get both a jog in during the morning and do weight training in the evening. Might have to adjust timings a little, but for the most part things work well.

Next week is a different story….and presents the first challenge. The Fat Geek will be in Las Vegas for Microsoft Management Summit 09 ( with my Mac Book Pro and iPhone…hehe). The schedule for the conference is 7:30 am till 8:30 pm each day. Now I don’t think we will need to be there every night until 8:30 pm but it will be most nights and finding time for a workouts will be difficult. Stay tuned for next weeks podcast to see how things went. I don’t even want to get into the business suppers that are planned!

The exercise routine for next week at this time is scheduled to be the same:

    Jogging     Monday – Friday

    Weights     Monday – Friday

But we will see how things go at the conference, I may have to get imaginative. Looking to get a one-week gym membership somewhere close to where I am staying and will do both the job and weights at the same time, so it could end up being a 1 1/2 hour workout. A little time consuming. Could be a rough week.

If I have to do them together I will do weights before jogging.

My reasoning is thus, weight training requires maximum energy output for lifting the heaviest weight possible over the specified no. of reps. Cardiovascular exercise before weights will exhaust precious supplies of muscle glycogen and during weight training you will not have the energy to train with the same intensity. This will lead to fewer gains in muscle and possibly increased chance of over-training. Not saying that C.V first is wrong, but Weights first would prove more efficient in terms of muscle growth, and muscle growth will lead to weight loss. However, I don’t think it will really make that much of difference during week 2 which one I do first. But, I will do weights first because I believe it to be the right approach.

In term of my healthy eating goals, I really surpassed what I had set for myself. I averaged around 1500-1600 calories a day. I ate often, I ate according to Canada’s Food Guide recommended servings and portions. I was full. I just could not get up to the 2000 calories count I thought I would require. So that is good news. I mean, I ate less and was full, where is the problem. I am not going to make myself eat more….that’s how I got here in the first place! Anyway, well see if that continues, or as my workouts become more intense I am more hungry.

To count my calories I have been using a handy little app I found in the Apple App Store called Nutrition Menu. It is awesome, a few of its features are:

  1. Largest nutritional information database on App Store without a WiFi connection

  2. Over 39,000 restaurant menu items of 338 USA and some Canadian restaurants (see website for list)

  3. Over 39,000 entries for common foods like apples, meat, frozen meals, etc

  4. No Internet communication means fast access to information

  5. Nutrition info includes calories, fat, carbs, fiber, and serving size for restaurant menu items

I seriously love this app and swear by its usefulness. I haven’t been to a restaurant yet and still find it the greatest app ever….but next week, this baby is going to really earn its keep!

 I highly recommend to anyone starting a healthy eating program that you count your calories. It is the only way to get a feel for how much you are really eating and moreover, how much you really need to eat.

So that was the week that was! I lost weight, ate healthy, was able to do all the exercises reasonably well and think I have a laid a solid foundation to build upon. I anticipate a little less pain in the morning over the next few weeks…so, that will be a good thing.

Tune in next Sunday for the week 2 weight-in. Normally all weight-ins will be on Sunday, this week was special because I am flying Sunday. See you then, or on Twitter everyday. Good luck on your own personnel journey and don’t be shy to drop a line anytime to The Fat Geek.


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  1. Thanks for introducing us to FatGeek! Great blog. I’ve subscribed and am following him on Twitter. This blogsharing is a great thing.

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