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Big things coming our way!

 1shan___angWe are very excited for what is coming our way in the near future!  This journey has introduced us to so many wonderful people and opened up some very cool opportunities.  We are in the process of setting up our new website, EXCITING!  The sooner we can understand all of this techy stuff the sooner it will be up.  We want to say thanks to everyone who has and is helping us with this.  We could not do it without all of you!

In this transition we are planning on adding many things to our site.  Here are a few things we are thinking about:

  •  Food and product reviews  * Ask us to try something out, we will try it and give our report.
  •  Utah restaurant and health related business reviews. *We need UTAH places and suggestions, please send them our way.
  • Video blogging *This will take some work but we will figure it out 😉
  •  Fabulous Deals Store *What would you like to see in it? Clothing, accessories, jewelry, food?  Let us know!
  • Dear Fab Fattie section *You can ask a question and we will answer kind of like Dear Abby but with us instead, lol.
  • More Fab Fattie Challenges, YAY!  *Prizes needed to do this more often if you want to contribute let us know.

 All of this revolves around YOUR INPUT so we are looking at suggestions from YOU!  Please leave us ideas and what you would like to see in the comment section.  We want this to be a joint effort so the end result is FABULOUS!

We have some upcoming events that we would love for you to listen to:

  • Starting July 3rd we will be guests on a weekly podcast with our new friends on twitter they are @CELEBSIDEDISHand you can catch their podcast HERE 
  • We are going to be on Power Women Magazine’s radio show on July 21st.
  • We will be a guest on Debra Mazda’s radio show…date to be determined.

This is all very humbling and we really are thrilled to have the opportunities that this journey has opened up.  Please continue to let us know your thoughts and opinions we love them! 

XO Shannon & Angie



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To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse….

1 fad diet

Well this post is a little challenging.  I have been thinking about it for a couple of days now and have decided I want to share it after all.  When Angie and I started this journey we let everyone know that we are sharing everything, keeping it real.  The good and the bad.  We also let you all know that we are not nutritionists or dietitians.  We are real people who do real things trying to make real changes.  So with that being said I have decided to share my latest venture.

The reason I have hesitated is because everyone has their own opinion to what you should do to lose weight and what you should not do.  This past weekend I mentioned a cleanse on twitter that I was thinking about doing and quickly got scolded for even thinking about it at all.  SCOLDED LOL!  I know it is out of love and support and I really do appreciate everyone’s help and opinions.  At the same time I got support from friends who understand the benefits of cleansing and completely support it.  It really made me think twice about doing a cleanse at all.  Things that I worry about are that you won’t like me any more if you don’t agree…lol, but really I do worry.  I also worry that someone may try to do what I do and I want it to be very clear that this is MY thing and MY choice for ME not something I am promoting or telling you that you should do as well.

I am doing a cleanse.  I have looked into the good and the bad and know several people who have done this exact cleanse with much success.  I am not trying to replace a good healthy diet and exercise program with a cleanse.  What I am expecting to get out of this is a bit of a jump start over a little bump in the road.  If things go as planned I should feel better, lose some weight and have a healthy glow with a rainbow coming out of my ear!  LOL Just kidding 😉  Right now I am just finishing up day 1 and have felt really good about it.  I am following all instructions and am having the effects that I was told I would have.  Today I feel like I can do the whole cleanse, but that is today.  My plan is to finish it out, but if I feel like it is not good for me or like I just cannot do it I will stop.  I plan to post the good, bad and results about this because it is part of my journey and I want to share it.  However right now I am not going to be posting the name of this cleanse.  Feel free to ask questions and share your opinions and experiences with me in the comments.

Ultimately weight loss is a journey that only you can take.  How you choose to take that journey is completely up to you no one else.  Everyone’s journey is different even if they are on the same plan.  There will be people telling you that the only way is this “Super Plan” and then there will be people telling you that the same “Super Plan” is a bunch of crazy rubish!  The thing I believe, is that good nutrition and exercise are what you need for long term weight loss, but I also believe it is okay to give it a little kick in the A** if need be 😉

XO A soon to be cleansed Shannon


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Fabulous Fattie Challenge #2 WINNERS!

WOO HOO It's Over!

WOO HOO It's Over!

Well our challenge #2 has come to a close.  It has been so much fun getting to know everyone and you have all been so motivating not only to us but to each other.  It has been so exciting to watch the support and new friendships transpire throughout this challenge.  We could have never guessed that this little challenge would do what it has.  All in all we hope you feel better about yourselves, smile more often and meet new friends.  That is what it is all about to us 🙂 

First place was an easy decision because it was based on most points. 2nd place was SO HARD to choose!  Can we just say that all of you had great little stories and did so much, choosing a winner was almost impossible!  We put our top 10 into a drawing to choose the 2nd place winner or you all would be waiting another 2 weeks for results because it really was that hard to decide.

We want to give a HUGE shout out to Debra Mazda, she gave us some of the prizes for the challenge and they are great!  If you have not tried her workouts go to her site RIGHT NOW and get a video because they are wonderful!

So here are our winners!

1st Place Susan A.K.A. @Foodiemcbody on Twitter

She had the most points earning a whopping: 1798

Our Fabulous 1st place winner Susan’s take on the challenge

The Challenge
The points are in, the chart filled up
Time for final judgment. The bad?  Water.
Could not gulp those 64 ounces, not one day.
The good? Exercise, fruits and veggies.
The beautiful? Good deeds: smiles add endorphins.
Weight? A pound lost, overall. But worth a pound of gold.
Thanks, fabulosas!

Visit Susan’s site here.

2nd Place Jen A.K.A. @bwjen on Twitter

She did a blog post that was great and you can check it out here on her site.

Congratulations to Susan and Jen!  

All of you really are our friends and we could not do this without you!  Thank you so much for doing this with us and we look forward to doing another in about a month.  Any suggestions or ideas are always welcome!

XO Shannon & Angie 



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The End of Challenge #2

Challenge #2 has ended and we have been enjoying reading all of the challengers amazing success stories.  The stories are great and so many of you have put so much into this challenge we are truly touched!  Because we recieved so many great responses we will not be posting our winners until tomorrow night when we have time to really review them.

Thank you to all who participated and supported us though this challenge!  We have learned so much from all of you and feel we are better people because of the contacts and friendships we have made!


The Fab Fatties


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Today is it!  The last day of Fab Fattie Challenge #2.  We hope everyone has had fun with it and made some healthy changes.  You have all day today to get more points, so what better to do than a couple of good deeds?!  Today only your good deeds are worth 50 points.  So get out there be nice, be kind and SMILE 🙂

  • The challenge ends tonight at midnight MST.
  • Send us your point total with how you got your points.  It can be a brief description but let us know how you go them. 
  • Also you have to include a short 50 words or less story on what this challenge did for you.
  • All results need to be to us by Sunday afternoon 4:00 MST so we can get the winner’s chosen and announce them on Monday June 15th.

There will be 2 winner’s chosen.  1 will be based on points and how you got them.  The other will be based on your story and how you got your points but the number of points will not be as important.  So no excuse not to send your results to us.  Everyone has a fair shot to win!  Email your results to us at fabfatties@aol.com Thank you everyone for participating!  You are our driving force and motivation we love you!

XO Shannon & Angie

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Challenge Question 8


We are so excited at how well everyone is doing!  Today we thought it would be fun if you leave us a comment here and let us know how your doing on the challenge.  Make sure you put your twitter id as well as your site/blog info. so that others can access you.  If you read this post today make sure to read and leave a comment!  Leaving a comment is worth 10 extra points in the challenge.  Make sure YOU are keeping track of your own points.  Also follow and say hello to @IamSucceeding on twitter for 5 extra points.  If you dont have a twitter just say hi to her in the comment section and it will count!  Keep up the great work and thank you so much for the motivation! 

Today’s challenge question is:

What did Angie QUIT almost 2 weeks ago?

Remember do not leave the answer in the comments email them to us 🙂 

Make it a GREAT Friday!

XO Shannon & Angie



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Life Happens

images[1] (2)

I lost one pound at this mornings weigh in.  I am not thrilled, but it could be worse. 😉

My horoscope for today:  In spite of the leaps and bounds you’ve taken over the last several months, Angie, a slump could soon set in as you start doubting your ability to attain your most cherished goals. An unexpected setback may have occurred that was disheartening, but you’ve never let this sort of thing stop you before. Don’t fall into this trap now. Brace yourself, reassess your methods, and get back in the saddle. You’ll get there!

I am not the type of gal that lives by what a horoscope may say, but I read my horoscope on MSN occasionally and sometimes I think its whack and sometimes something hits me. This was one of those that hit me. I am getting a little discouraged that I am not losing weight quicker, not that I have been absolutely perfect, but I am on a diet damnit and the weight should just fall off for that reason, right? So I know there are things I could be doing better, but there are plenty of things I am doing better than I did before. I know I am losing, but not as fast as I would like to, and I know I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone, but I do.

So… when I read my horoscope today it hit me. Life happens – you learn and are better because of it. I know why I haven’t lost more weight, or even just feel good about the weight loss I have had. I haven’t worked hard enough for it. I still haven’t had a soda since last Monday, and that is great, but don’t ask how much I have exercised because I don’t want to tell you. Also, don’t ask how many Peanut Butter Truffle frozen yogurts I have had. (Thanks Shannon for introducing me to my biggest demon!) I also stay up too late and I know I suck at exercise and diet when I am tired. Great, now I know why I am not happy with my results, but changing it seems to be the tricky part. I know I need to keep a food journal and count my calories (that’s why it is in the challenge… cause I suck at it).  Okay, there it is my goal for the week… follow the challenge that Shannon and I created. It sounds so obvious, right?! I am doing some of the stuff, but obviously need to step it up in a few areas. It is funny how things just come to me in the middle of typing a post and it seems so brilliant at the moment, but is something that should be so obvious. Seriously, I think I am going to start posting about school, work, parenting, finances and everything else in my life I am having issues with because the obvious and amazing things come to me at those times.

I guess I am the girl that needs new motivation every other day just to stay on track and I haven’t been blogging or twittering much and I haven’t chatted with Shannon (a.k.a. my personal life/fitness/health coach and therapist) as much as I need to, apparently. Life happens – you learn and are better because of it!

A new day starts soon and another chance at being better than I was the day before!

Peace out – Angie, ready to transform her visions into her life!


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