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Yes It Is True!


There has been some speculation as to whether I really own a Zebra shirt or not. It was brought on by my post Zebra Attacked by Missle. What I cannot figure out is why anyone on this planet would not take what I write as 100% factual. Of course I really have a zebra shirt! lol To be honest I do not know exactly why I do. Now that it has become a topic, I suppose I like it because it brings out my wild side ūüôā Maybe what I will do is when I can no longer wear it is send it to one of our Fabulous Friends!¬†

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Fashion faux pas by the Fabulous Fatties!

Today’s fashion faux pas was a picture a friend of mine took this picture while on vacation in Mexico.¬† Apparantly, what happens in Mexico¬†doesn’t always¬†stay in Mexico!

Just in case any of you men out there didn’t know it is NOT a good idea to wear your daughters boy shorts, no matter how tempting it is!¬† I have seen these exact boy shorts on a 22 y.o. hottie with a matching halter top tankini and it looked great… difference – she is a girl!¬† Just because they are called boy shorts does NOT mean they are for boys or saggy old men for that matter!

My favorite part of this picture is the random people behind the dude looking at him in disgust!


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