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Big things coming our way!

 1shan___angWe are very excited for what is coming our way in the near future!  This journey has introduced us to so many wonderful people and opened up some very cool opportunities.  We are in the process of setting up our new website, EXCITING!  The sooner we can understand all of this techy stuff the sooner it will be up.  We want to say thanks to everyone who has and is helping us with this.  We could not do it without all of you!

In this transition we are planning on adding many things to our site.  Here are a few things we are thinking about:

  •  Food and product reviews  * Ask us to try something out, we will try it and give our report.
  •  Utah restaurant and health related business reviews. *We need UTAH places and suggestions, please send them our way.
  • Video blogging *This will take some work but we will figure it out 😉
  •  Fabulous Deals Store *What would you like to see in it? Clothing, accessories, jewelry, food?  Let us know!
  • Dear Fab Fattie section *You can ask a question and we will answer kind of like Dear Abby but with us instead, lol.
  • More Fab Fattie Challenges, YAY!  *Prizes needed to do this more often if you want to contribute let us know.

 All of this revolves around YOUR INPUT so we are looking at suggestions from YOU!  Please leave us ideas and what you would like to see in the comment section.  We want this to be a joint effort so the end result is FABULOUS!

We have some upcoming events that we would love for you to listen to:

  • Starting July 3rd we will be guests on a weekly podcast with our new friends on twitter they are @CELEBSIDEDISHand you can catch their podcast HERE 
  • We are going to be on Power Women Magazine’s radio show on July 21st.
  • We will be a guest on Debra Mazda’s radio show…date to be determined.

This is all very humbling and we really are thrilled to have the opportunities that this journey has opened up.  Please continue to let us know your thoughts and opinions we love them! 

XO Shannon & Angie



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It takes 21 days to break a habit.


good%20habits%20bad%20habitsI have heard that it takes 21 days to break a habit.  It has come to my attention that this may be true!  We have been on this journey 2 full months now and I have noticed many things that have changed.  Not only have I lost weight I have lost 7.5 inches from my fatness, quit eating Hershey’s and quit drinking soda.  That is all HUGE in the big picture of it all.  It has gotten to the point that I do not even crave Hershey’s or soda any longer.  I prefer water over soda and I have found other more healthy ways to curb my sweet tooth.  As many of you already know one of our favorites is fat free frozen yogurt.  YUM!   By the way the coolest place ever just opened up nearby so we will be doing a post about it soon.

I guess if you just hang in there you can over come anything.  That is pretty empowering to know.  By over coming the few things it has put me on track for bigger and better things.  If you would have asked me 4 months ago if I would do a 5k.  I would have laughed at you and thought never in a million years I can’t do that!  Well, I am starting my 3rd week of c25k training today!  Not only that my original plan is to run a 5k by my birthday in September and now we are going to try one at the end of July.  We are planning a run/walk version in July, but we are doing it.  This is exciting and scary at the same time.  The best thing about it all is that I know I can do it if I want to!

When you start doing something good and making positive changes it creates a chain reaction.  We have so many people who are joining us in this journey and planning on doing the 5k with us.  That is very cool!  21 days to break a habit…Right now I am working on cutting bad carbs out I only have 15 days to go and I am very excited to get there.  When you put together no Hershey’s, no soda, exercise and no bad carbs.  You have a recipe for a healthy, happy, fabulous fattie!

XO From a happy healthy Shannon


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Fabulous Fattie Challenge #2 WINNERS!

WOO HOO It's Over!

WOO HOO It's Over!

Well our challenge #2 has come to a close.  It has been so much fun getting to know everyone and you have all been so motivating not only to us but to each other.  It has been so exciting to watch the support and new friendships transpire throughout this challenge.  We could have never guessed that this little challenge would do what it has.  All in all we hope you feel better about yourselves, smile more often and meet new friends.  That is what it is all about to us 🙂 

First place was an easy decision because it was based on most points. 2nd place was SO HARD to choose!  Can we just say that all of you had great little stories and did so much, choosing a winner was almost impossible!  We put our top 10 into a drawing to choose the 2nd place winner or you all would be waiting another 2 weeks for results because it really was that hard to decide.

We want to give a HUGE shout out to Debra Mazda, she gave us some of the prizes for the challenge and they are great!  If you have not tried her workouts go to her site RIGHT NOW and get a video because they are wonderful!

So here are our winners!

1st Place Susan A.K.A. @Foodiemcbody on Twitter

She had the most points earning a whopping: 1798

Our Fabulous 1st place winner Susan’s take on the challenge

The Challenge
The points are in, the chart filled up
Time for final judgment. The bad?  Water.
Could not gulp those 64 ounces, not one day.
The good? Exercise, fruits and veggies.
The beautiful? Good deeds: smiles add endorphins.
Weight? A pound lost, overall. But worth a pound of gold.
Thanks, fabulosas!

Visit Susan’s site here.

2nd Place Jen A.K.A. @bwjen on Twitter

She did a blog post that was great and you can check it out here on her site.

Congratulations to Susan and Jen!  

All of you really are our friends and we could not do this without you!  Thank you so much for doing this with us and we look forward to doing another in about a month.  Any suggestions or ideas are always welcome!

XO Shannon & Angie 



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51 Days Hug & Kiss FREE!

Hersheys-Kiss-HugsToday is a very proud day for me.  I realized it has been 51 days since I have had a Hershey’s Hug or Kiss!  Now to the average person you may be thinking…WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?!  Well glad you asked because I am going to tell you.  I want you to think of an addict of any kind.  Now think about them quiting whatever they are addicted to for 51 days straight.  Big deal huh?  

Seriously I was addicted to these little hugs and kisses.  To the point I would eat up to an entire bag a day and 4-6 bags a week, all by myself!  They hid easily behind things in the fridge, in the console of my car and in the back of the cupboard.  Believe it or not here we are 51 days later and I am still finding the little wrappers!  Seriously, do ya think I had a problem?

We all know I have not been perfect in the 51 days on this weight loss journey.  There have been to many days I took Angie’s Skrewitol pills, but I have not had 1 hug or kiss.  Don’t think it has not crossed my mind because it has, especially the day they were on sale and I could have bought 2 bags for the price of 1.  What I have learned is that I am Super Woman Strong!  This is something that I cannot believe I have done.  It feels damn good!  What feels even better is that I do not even crave them.  I am craving things like celery with laughing cow cheese and turkey. 

I have conquered this addiction!  I know better than to try just one because I recognize it is a problem for me.  Today I am a true believer that if you can get past the point of craving something you will forget about it and it will get better and easier to stay away from.  This is a good day, they day I won part of a battle and do not feel like I have to keep fighting!

A Hug and Kiss Free Shannon


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I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life!

1 yogurt

There is a new devil in our lives.  It is called hogi yogi!  It was my little secret until I shared it with Angie last week.  We decided we would only allow ourselves 2 frozen yogurts a week as long as we were doing good.  So today I drive 15 miles towards home from work and pull into hogi yogi.  Guess who was in the drive up in front of me 10 miles out of  her way?  ANGIE! LOL Can you believe it!  What was even funnier is that it took me calling her twice before she answered my call.  Maybe she was afraid I would hear the boy at the window say “that will be $4.30 please” and I would know exactly where she was! We are seriously driving far out of our way for this supposed “fat free” yogurt.  It probably really is fat free until you turn it into a freakin’ Peanut Butter Truffle!  Once you add the peanuts, reeses peanut butter cup and chocolate on top I believe it may have a little bit of fat in it. 

Tonight I am watching Seinfeld and guess which episode it was?  The one where they found the frozen yogurt place and gained 7-8 pounds from eating it.  FUNNY!  They sat there eating it talking about how they can’t believe it is fat free and go back for more day after day.  If Angie and I were Newman it is us to a T.  Who knew we were an actual episode of Seinfeld?!  The only difference is instead of going inside we go through the drive-thru and count out our $4.30 sometimes in change just to get a fix. 

I have already had my quota of 2 this week and I cannot go back for another until after Monday.  I have a feeling Angie has as well or she would have answered my first call.  We may have to make a poster that they can put up for the employees of hogi yogi.  We could put our pictures on it and it could say “Please do not feed Shannon and Angie a.k.a. Fabulous Fatties more than 2 frozen yogurts a week.  By all means do not serve them a Peanut Butter Truffle signature yogurt!”

I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life!  Shannon


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Bringing Sexy Back!

So I was reading an inspiring blog post the other day by our friend Foodie.  She was talking about doing a 5k and how excited she was

Out little inspirational Foodie!

Out little inspirational Foodie!

about it.  I am not sure what came over me, lack of sugar in my system, a moment of delusion I don’t know.  The next thing I know I tell Foodie I want to do a 5k by my next birthday!  Seriously, we all have those crazy spontaneous moments right?  Not one to procrastinate Foodie sent me an email right away with a couch to 5k plan.  When I opened her email I kinda got a stomach ache and felt really tired just clicking the button.  Anything to do with running just wipes me out!  I quickly closed her email and said “I will deal with this tomorrow.”  So tomorrow came and went 3 times.  Then tonight I go onto twitter and declare “I am going to start the couch to 5k training tomorrow!”  What the HAY is my deal?  Tomorrow never comes when I choose to do it tomorrow!  As soon as I realized I had said it I quickly responded with “I am going to start tonight not tomorrow.” 

TONIGHT I started my training for a 5k by my birthday on September 8th.  It was not near as bad as I thought it would be.  Surprisingly I have gotten into better shape over the last few weeks 🙂  I have decided that I am really going to do this!  For some reason if you put a challenge in front of me I just have to do it.  It runs in my family trust me.  For now its every other day following the little plan that Foodie sent me.  This is really exciting and I am looking forward to it.  Angie is going to do it with me she just does not know it yet LOL.  She made me quit the diet coke so now we will be even.  Well almost, diet coke is SOOOO good!  When I was about 20 minutes in my ipod played the song sexy back, lol.  It made me laugh but it made me think…Hell yeah i’ll bring sexy back!

If you live in Utah or are going to be visiting in Sept. join me on this little venture!  It would be so much fun to do as a group and I would love to meet you in person. 

To get the training plan click here.

Working on bringing sexy back! Shannon


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Today is the last chance to Join Challenge #2!!!

First Make sure you read Angie’s latest post “Taking Care” just below this post.  It is great and I don’t want to see it get lost in the shuffle of our challenge.  She is inspiring and I am so glad she is my diet buddy!  Shannon

Okay today is the last day to sign up for fab fatties challenge #2!  We have had a huge response and it is really exciting.  So join today bring people on board and we will get started tomorrow.  Tonight we will be sending out an email with a tracking list you can use if you would like.  The list was made by our fabulous buddy FOODIE MCBODY Thanks Foodie!  So here are the rules as of right now there are 16 hours and 45 minutes to join.  You can get points today by bringing people on.  Join Us, Join Us, Join Us!

The Long awaited Fab Fattie Challenge #2 has finally arrived!

This will be a 2 week challenge based on point system.  You can earn points by living healthy, being kind and eating well.  We are excited to kick this challenge off and hope you will join us!

*Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily- 5 points

*Drink 8 glasses of water a day- 8 points

*Exercise- 1 point per minute

*Do a random good deed- 5 points

*Stop drinking soda pop for a day- 1 point

*Actually read someone else’s blog post and leave a comment- 1 point

* Answer our Fab Fatties random bonus questions about us- 5 points

            -Bonus questions will be posted daily on our blog.

* Recommend 2 fabulous friends from twitter and tell us why we should follow them- 2 points

* Eat a healthy breakfast-1 point

* Lose weight- 1 point per pound

* Keep a food journal for the day- 5 points per day

* Take a walk during you lunch break- 5 points

* Have a friend join this challenge- 25 points per friend

            -make sure your friend tells us you recruited them!

How to join:

Email us: fabfatties@aol.com

Email us your name, twitter name if applicable, your blog or website on or before 12:00 a.m. MST Thursday May 28th 2009. 

The challenge will run from May 29th to June 12th at 12:00 a.m. MST  You can submit your points and story between June 13th to June 14th at 12:00 a.m. MST

Points and Story Information:

            *You are responsible to keep track of your points and how you got them

            *Your story has to be 50 words or less on how this challenge helped you.

So send us your email RIGHT NOW go get friends on board and get ready to have fun!

XO Shannon & Angie


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