Fabulous Shannon

So where do I start?  I guess my family would be a great place…I am married to Lawrence he is more than fabulous to put up with me and all of my crazy ventures 🙂  We have been married almost 10 years.  I could not ask for a better husband and he really is my best friend!  He is the first to tell me that he loves me no matter how much I weigh as long as I am happy with myself.  I know he is GREAT!  I have 3 sons.  Anthony 14, Reagan 10 and Carson 8.  They are a blast and full of it.  If you don’t believe me come over sometime and see for yourself.  You never know what they are going to do!

Okay as for me….I am 36 and I have been on a diet of some sort for about 24 years.  I am serious!  I have always been the girl with “such a pretty face.”  Incase you have not already figured it out that is not a compliment.  It just means, Yeah your fat but at least your cute.  Look at the bright side, whatever! 

I have tried every diet you can imagine and had some success.  The conclusion I have come to is that pretty much anything will work the only catch is that you have to actually follow the program.  Who knew it was so simple?!  There are many things out there that are unhealty so you do have to be careful.  I guess I have not tried everything.  The 7-10 day cleanses that you don’t get to eat actual food…never tried those.  Not because I didn’t want to but I sure as hell was not going to deprive myself of food for more than 2 hours!   

Here is a list of what I have tried:

  • Weight Watcher’s- My take on it: I would rather eat my arm than go to a meeting!
  • Jenny Craig- My take on it: Works great but very expensive and Monica (the manager) scares me a little.
  • Jillian Michaels Website- My take on it: Works very well but the exercise plan is brutal.  I do like to be able to move the next day.
  • Biggest Loser Plan- My take on it:  Have everything for it just never really followed for more than a week, but the books are really cool to look at! 
  • Isagenix- My take on it: If you can drink it down you will lose weight.  Downside-as soon as I stopped and went back to my (old eating habits) I gained it back plus some quickly, so it is very important to get new eating habits established!
  • Absolute- My take on it: Love it and plan to start it again soon.
  • South Beach-My take on it: The thought of it gives me a little lump in my throat and makes my stomach a little queasy.  Not a big meat eater, just a little meat eater.
  • Atkins-My take on it: Refer to South Beach.
  • Calorie Counting- My take on it: This is where I have the most success.  It can be a little hard to learn but so realistic and healthy once you do learn it.  THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO!
  • The MacDougall Diet- My take on this: It is a Vegan diet and like I said before I do like a little meat:)
  • Pills, shakes, teas and more- My take on it: Be careful, stay close to a bathroom and read the fine print!

I could probably go on but I am sure you get the picture.  The point for me on a serious note is that I want to feel healthy.  Right now I definitely do not!  I have never been “skinny” but I do feel the best around 160-170 pounds so that is the direction I am heading. 

  • My short term goal is: 21 pounds
  • Medium goal is: 42 pounds
  • Long term goal is: 72 pounds

Off to the races we go!  I am thrilled to do this with Angie because she defines fabulousity and we are going to have so much fun which should keep us motivated right?! 



2 responses to “Fabulous Shannon

  1. Shannon ~

    Good luck with your weight loss effort. It is a journey, to be sure, and not a destination! I lost 60 pounds two years ago with diet and exercise. I have kept if off because I have made small, sustainable changes, which over time, have added up. I work at it every day. If you are committed to a lifestyle change, you WILL succeed.

    Aloha ~

  2. Shannon
    The first step is done which is to start but now is the hard part in making life changes. My friend and i are doing the same thing on our website come check us out. I feel the more people that know the more people you will feel accountable with. I will check up on you are Angie to let you know we are here. Goodluck

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