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One Size Fits All


Before I get started on this post this morning, I have to tell you about the picture.  As I was on line looking for the perfect picture for my post, one with shoes, purses and jewelry.  You have to know there are 1000’s of them.  I see this picture and chose it.  As I am selecting it I take a closer look…It is a freakin’ cake made out of sugar!  How the hell out of all the pictures I could choose from did I manage that.  Not only that, but this morning on twitter every picture that was a food or a name like the one that ended in hershey’s, I had to comment on.  All I can say is, I believe I have serious mental issues when it comes to food! 

Now to my real post.  I have been thinking about this for a while.  How many times have you looked at the size of something and it is a one size fits all?  To me that is the most annoying size category on the whole entire planet.  There is no such thing!  To someone it will be to small, to someone else it will be to big.  There are very few people who it will actually fit.  Nothing is more embarrassing than when you put on something that is tagged one size fits all and it is to small.  What kind of subliminal message is that?!  You are guaranteed a big slap in the confidence arena when that happens to you.

I have came up with a solution to this problem.  It became obvious to me when I went into my closet a while back.  When I shop in a regular sized store I NEVER try on clothes.  What I do is sort through the jewelry, shoes and purses.  It is easier to at least find something than face the reality that the largest size in the store is to small.  The first time I went into a regular store that the salesman had to go get pants for me.  I literally broke out into a sweat.  He brought me one size after another, always going up of course.  By the time I had stuffed myself into the largest pair of pants that they had  and they did zip up, I bought them.  There was no way on this earth I was going to leave that store, letting the salesman know that I really was to large to be in there! (like he had not already figured that out.)

Almost every overweight woman I know has a cute purse, fantastic jewelry and awesome shoes.  Purses, shoes and jewelry are the closest thing to one size fits all.  Right now I have tons of cute accessories and soon enough I will have the outfits to match them.  I cannot wait until I can go back to the same store and try on everything I possibly can.  At that time I will be making my choice on what looks the hottest on my new body rather than the fact that I finally got my pants zipped up!




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