A 50 Mile Challenge

1 kids on bike

Today on my earlier post Chocolate Cake, Lilacs and a Goat I made a statement that I will ride a total of 50 miles on my bike this week.  My Mom has taken that as a challenge.  So she is determined to do better and get her 50 in before me.  Now that there is some competition I am seriously going to do it!   If you have a bike and want to participate I thought it might be fun to have anyone who wants to, join us.  Let us know and keep us updated in the comments on this post.  It will be fun  to motivate each other and get moving. 

This will be going on during the week of 5/12 to 5/19. 

I think there will be a prize for this but I have not figured out quite what it will be, however I will make it good because I want to win it! lol If you want to participate just let us know in the comments and whoever puts the most miles on their bike is the winner, but you have to at least put 50 on your bike!   

So the race is on and I hope you will join us! 

*If you do not have a bike then walk instead at least 15 miles for the week and you can be a part of it as well 🙂  We will just add a prize for walkers along with the prize for bike riders! 


We have had an awesome response to this challenge!  WOW you all rock!  This is a challenge that will be going on the week of 5/12 to 5/19 It is open to join until wed. night 5/13 so join us!  The point is to ride a bike at least 50 miles or run/walk at least 15 miles in this week.  At the end of the week tally up your miles and let us know the total. 

*Due to the different fitness levels of everyone who wants to participate we are going off at least meeting the mile requirement and we are going to have to ask that you give us a short story of what this challenge did for you at the end of the week.  We will choose the winners out of that criteria.  This keep the playing field even and fun for everyone!

If you want to join us please put your name in the comments and what you will be doing.  You can use exercise equiptment as well so NO EXCUSES!  Tell everyone you know and we are excited to get moving!



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11 responses to “A 50 Mile Challenge

  1. Mom

    okay today i went 12m. but i will give you that and start tommorrow. keep in mind i am going to kick your butt!!! but i will still love ya.

  2. Sounds like a fun challenge. You can definitely beat your mom! Get on it!

  3. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    So far we have confirmed participants:
    LaDaun Mom
    Mary amerrylife

  4. diaryofadietzilla

    I will definitely join! I don’t have a bike but I can for sure attempt to run/walk 15 miles in the next week! Hopefully this will help get me re-motivated, I need something!

  5. I definitely want to join! I will walk 25 miles & bike 10 miles. My knees only like my bike so much but I can challenge myself to 1-2 miles each day.

    I love challenges!

  6. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Another confirmed participant:

    This is going to be great!

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  8. Hi to all you fit and fabulous women,

    I am up for the challenge especially since I teach spinning and get in 30 miles a week on the bike. I power walked 4 miles today so I am on my way.


  9. I am totally late in starting/joining this challenge, but will you count me in? I will drag my bicycle out of the garage when I get home today!

  10. Tina

    Alright, you talked me into it. I will walk at least 15 miles. I’ll try to snag my 17 year old son on this challenge too!

  11. I’m in!!!

    I ran 4 miles today.
    And today is my 2nd day with NO sugar…

    Thanks Shannon and Angie.
    For inspiration and courage to do this.

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